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Infinity Shield™ is powered by Infinity Beam™, an innovative, patented technology. 

Infinity Beam™ technology was developed to take home safety to the next level. Unique and cutting-edge technological features include:


  • 25 IR beams covering the entire opening of the garage door.

  • Audible indicator to alert if there is anything in the path of your door.

  • Proprietary algorithms, coding, and modulation schemes enhance the sensitivity, security, safety, and reliability of Infinity Shield™.

  • Enabled continuous operation of the sensor interface allows Infinity Shield™ to work with your existing garage door opener. Simply swap Infinity Shield™ with your existing sensor.


  • Proprietary sun interference avoidance algorithm allows reliable performance, regardless of lighting and weather conditions

  • Rapid response time, robust acquisition and low false detection rate ensure the fidelity and high accuracy rate of Infinity Shield™

Intellectual Property

  • US patent issued - 10,997,833 B1

  • US design patent allowed - 29/762,186

  • US utility patent allowed - 17/450,671

  • Foreign patent (Canada) - CA 3,190,700

  • Infinity Shield™ and Infinity Beam™ are trademarks of M&R Technology, Inc

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