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It all started when I damaged my minivan. I forgot that the hatch was open and closed the garage door out of habit. My vision was to solve this problem and share it with every household in America. I recruited the best people I have worked with throughout my career. This was the beginning of the journey to create Infinity Shield.

It all started when our CEO damaged the trunk of his minivan

We literally started the company in a garage and continue to spend lots of time in our test garage and with customers in their garages to further our understanding of how our product is used.

The garage startup company: inventing the world's most advanced garage sensor

The big garage inventions

The garage startup company - Infinity Shield
The Big Garage Inventions - Infinity Shield
First 25-beam Infinity Shield Prototype - Infinity Shield

Security, and safety Infinity Shield™.

Proprietary algorithms, and coding the sensitivity.

Infinity Shield™ is powered by innovative, patented technology

Invented from the ground up

We spent two years designing, building, and testing several prototypes before we succeeded building the full-coverage sensor that does not require separate wires for power.

The two toughest problems we solved were to make Infinity Shield operate on the very limited power available from the garage-door opener and getting it to work robustly in bright ambient sunlight.

First 25-beam Infinity Shield Prototype

Our Team

Magid Fazel - Infinity Shield

Magid Fazel has over 35 years of experience in digital design and development of complex electronics in avionics and industrial applications. He has led numerous teams as product teams as product and project manager from concept to production. Magid has worked for top technology companies including IBM, Lockheed Martin, Curtiss-Wright and Teledyne.

Magid Fazel, MSc

Founder, CEO

Jerker Taudien - Infinity Shield

Jerker Taudien has over 15 years of experience in digital signal processing, wireless communication, underwater acoustics, optical design, and electronics. He has worked for top technology companies including Texas instruments. Hughes Network Systems and Teledyne. Jerker has led teams commercializing several new technologies is the inventor of many patents, and author of numerous scholarly articles.

Jerker Taudien, PhD

Founder, CTO

Trawfik Goma - Infinity Shield

Tawfik Goma has spent his career in the tech and IP sectors – from industry, the public sector as a USPTO examiner, big firm private practice at both boutique IP and general practice firms, and as in-house counsel. He is the managing principal and founder of Goma Law. Tawfik is a frequent speaker on business law and IP topics and has served as an Adjunct Professor at Manhattan College.

Trawfik Goma, JD