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  • What is the Infinity Shield & why should I buy it?
    INFINITY SHIELD - 4 Reasons to replace your Garage Door Sensor
  • Who makes the Infinity Shield garage door sensor?
    Please see the short video clip - our story, our team. Infinity Shield is designed by engineers with over 150 years of experience in robotics, radar, sonar and optics.
  • What is crowdfunding & why are you using it?
    Crowdfunding is a method for a startup company to access funding and produce products with a supportive early backers of a project. Until now we have operated successfully without the need for significant investments. With the product ready today, we need large scale manufacturing. Crowdfunding will serve as a marketing, sales and funding driver to deliver Infinity Shield to thousands of homes in a short period of time. Successful crowdfunding campaigns start with the initial momentum generated on the first day by friends and family going to the site and signing up at a highly-discounted rate. Join us!
  • How do I sign up for getting an Infinity Shield?
    We will contact you and send you the link for signing up. For now, we just need a commitment. Actual crowdfunding launch and signup date will be announced in near future.
  • I have more than one garage door and would like to get more than one unit.
    No problem. Please sign up for more units.
  • How much is Infinity Shield regularly and what is the reduced price through crowdfunding?
    The regular price is $199. During the crowdfunding campaign, following pricing tiers will be offered: Tier-1 First 100 customers - $99 Tier-2 Next 500 customers - $129 Tier-3 Crowdfunding pricing beyond initial 600 customers - $149
  • How about installation?
    Infinity Shield is very easy to install. No special tools are required. Please see the link below Infinity Shield Installation Video - YouTube As an additional bonus to San Diego area residents, during the crowdfunding campaign, we will install the unit for you at no additional cost!
  • When do I get my unit(s)?
    First 100 customers will receive their units within 30 days after the campaign. We will continue shipping from our current inventory. Initial mass production is planned for later this year.
  • What are the warranty & return policies?
    Industry Best: 2-year Warranty 90-day money back guaranteed, no questions asked.
  • Does Infinity Shield meet the industry standards for garage door safety sensors?
    Yes and far exceeds! Infinity Shield has been successfully tested by the UL standards agency and is UL-recognized.
  • Do you have any patents for Infinity Shield?
    US patent issued - 10,997,833 B1 US design patent allowed - 29/762,186 US utility patent allowed - 17/450,671 Foreign patent (Canada) - CA 3,190,700
  • How do I know if Infinity Shield is compatible with my garage door and my opener brand?
    Infinity Shield is compatible with all major garage door opener manufacturers such as LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Genie, Guardian... For a complete list, please refer to our quick installation guide - link below: Infinity Shield User Guide (
  • How mature & reliable is the Infinity Shield product?
    This product has gone through a methodical verification and validation process including thermal and vibration testing. It has also passed the industry standard UL-325 rigorous testing by UL. Several years of testing has been performed on Infinity Shield in many homes with different garage doors and opener brands. Numerous units have been installed and evaluated by professional installers in several states.
  • Are there any investment opportunities in the company?
    Yes, let us know and we will send you our investors pitch deck and other documents.
  • How do you ship?
    We offer USPS and UPS shipping services.
  • Why should I get a system?
    Infinity Shield will prevent garage door accidental closing which end up damaging cars and doors and causing $1,000s in repair expenses... everyday these accidents happen.
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